Being You...Deeply


My calling is to open women like you to your magical feminine core, unveil your radiance and unfold life from your essence.

And you MEN, awaken the power of a samurai-like balance of your yin/yang.


Grounded Joy

CONNECT  with your unique beauty and brilliance, freely move through life BEING  your authentic self.

DESCEND  into your depths and REST  in your beauty, in your essence!



GATHER  those recurring thoughts and life experiences back HOME  to your heart to be integrated and made whole.


Your Hands Hold the Key to a DEEPLY MEANINGFUL LIFE

IMAGINE...being handed the path to follow, step by step, for you to experience deep joy and grounded confidence.

IMAGINE...knowing what your Soul came to this life to do ~ to contribute, to learn, to teach, to shine.

IMAGINE...if you knew the key to unlocking the secret gifts that lies deep in those challenges you face over and over.

You've been carrying all this information with you always ~ IN YOUR HANDS.

I'm Pía Darling.  I'm a Certified Hand Analyst, which means I read the information encoded in your hands and fingerprints.

Praise for Pía

Pia radiates warmth, joy and beauty.  Just being in her presence is a heart-opening, uplifting experience. She holds such a beautiful, genuine space for us to get into our bodies and heart.  Beautiful movement!

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, Magical Mentor, Reality Upgrader & Abundance Activator

I found having my palms read by Pia, an unexpectedly powerful experience. Pia's explanations of what she saw, was like a mirror being held up in front of me, a mirror held with love and compassion. I can't recommend Pia or her palm reading enough."

Lia Ditton, Writer, Professional Adventurer, Licensed Ship Captain

Pia has a gentle, inviting, comforting, acknowledging tone of voice and sense of ease & warmth, that builds delight and more trust.

I enjoy her relaxed embodied presenter style. As she relaxes and generates flow, it makes it easier for us all to feel that with her.

My greatest take-away from her workshop is feeling tenderness and connecting to love.

Ishtar-Lhotus Reiah Zeviar, Multimedia Arts Performer

Pia's message is simple and transformative.

Susan Kirby, Founder of Speak & Shine Your Light School for Luminaries

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Embody Your Radiant Self


    Your heart has the power to shift your life. Not only does your heart pump blood to keep your body alive, your heart is the Great Harmonizer! Imagine gentle waves of harmony washing through your emotions, your thoughts, your life – and organically bringing all aspects of you into a peaceful integrated alignment. As you generate this vibration, others in your life will be touched and expanded by your practice.


    Unleash the power of our hearts, and those dimensions of ourselves that we have hidden away, avoided, ignored, yelled at, ridiculed and even hated, can become available to be received back into our wholeness. What happens when a light shines into dark corners? They are no longer dark, no longer hold the power of the unknown or fear. Together, we’ll shine our light into dark corners and call back into Love all the disparate pieces of ourselves yearning to belong.


    Magic is all around us, inside us, observed by us, generated by us. As we align our vibration to our core essence, we enter into the realm of Magic. Magic is a direct and clear connection to the Divine that calls forth into manifestation our highest and best good. Experience and treasure the joy of Divine connection and the Magic it unfurls. Let’s embrace it with wonder and gratitude!


My passion is to hold space for you  to unveil your essence and rest in your own inner beauty and brilliance. Our explorations activate heart radiance, integrate being into wholeness, and alight in living from the magic that infuses our existence.

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Being You...Deeply