Being You...Deeply

Core Awakening Mentoring™


WHAT'S NOT WORKING?  What would you like more of?  What's your heart's true desire?

HAVE THE EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE  of how you create your life moment-to-moment.

COME INTO ALIGNMENT  with your true authentic self, unravel and integrate the patternings that have kept you in place, and connect in a deeply embodied way with your true essence.

CORE AWAKENING MENTORING  will usher you into a deep relationship with yourself that you couldn't have imagined.  Find a deeply loving relaxed place within, that absolutely cherishes YOU.



Resolve these types of situations with Core Awakening Mentoring™

  • How your buttons get pushed

    Tired of getting triggered and reacting in the same way, again and again? Let’s unravel the dynamic, allow peace and the space for conscious response.

  • Not feeling as bright as you'd like?

    You have a natural radiance that will knock their socks off! Let’s unveil the authentic brilliance of YOU.

  • Clarity on your direction and decisions

    Get clarity on who you truly are, then you will know what’s right for you. Incorporating hand analysis helps gain this clarity.

  • Your value

    Ah…this is a big one. How do you value yourself? Just take a look at what situations get repeated over and over again. Reconnect, or perhaps connect for the first time, with your inherent value and worth deeply, down to your cells.

  • Caution!

    Some of the mainstream spiritual principles and personal development beliefs out there may be in your way. Let’s find the right path for you.

  • Partnership woes???

    Not feeling the fulfillment you dreamt of in your relationship? Let’s take a different approach to get to the core of it.

  • Ground your presence

    Experience the safety, stability and security of grounding your energy. One side effect of grounding – authentic empowerment!

  • Imagine living life in peace...

    Have you ever felt like you were dropped on the wrong planet? Like you didn’t belong or fit in? I did, all of my childhood and into early adulthood. Now I can truthfully say that I am AT HOME  here on our planet, and here in my body. Let me help you feel AT HOME.

  • Now is the time!

    Why just wish for things to be different – take action now! It’s time, you’re worth it.

    If you are DONE  with suffering quietly (or loudly), with feeling stuck, then it might be time to give yourself the gift of committing to yourself.

    It’s time to FLOWER BRAVELY!  I’ve navigated these waters within myself and with others who couldn’t clearly see the way. I will help you make deep lasting shifts into deep fulfillment, self worth, feeling safe and heart-centered joy.

    Contact me now. We’ll discuss a program that addresses your needs, meets your goals and unleashes your beauty and brilliance.



ARE YOU LOOKING TO MAKE A DEEP TRANSFORMATION  in your life?  If you are one of the few with the willingness to embrace what it takes, you can reap the rewards of a revolutionary shift in perspective that puts your life on an entirely new plane of existence.


  • One (1) 90-minute in-depth Hand Analysis and Intention Setting session
  • Nine (9) 60-minute mentoring sessions
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Guest passes for you and a friend to a Hand Reading event


  • Greater peace, ease and flow ~ be at home in your body and your life
  • Find a deep confidence and trust in yourself ~ allowing for more intuition, engagement and expression
  • Effortlessly attract your heart's desires ~ align and magnetize what is truly yours
Being You...Deeply