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CREATE RELATIONSHIP MAGIC:  How to Conjure Soulful Alignment and Juicy Connection

You CAN  have the intimate relationship of your dreams.  Learn how to magnetize, elicit and nurture deeply connected union in this transformational and interactive workshop.

Are you ...

  • Single and yearning for the experience of a partner
  • In relationship and desiring to rekindle the passion you once felt
  • In a relationship that may not be appropriate

Pía will guide you to align with your feminine essence, clarify your desires and attract from your core, your heart.

Experience the joy of soulful alignment and juicy connection in intimate relationship.


FLOWER BRAVELY:  Create From Your Feminine Magnetism

Open up to and create from your feminine core in this interactive and transformational workshop.

  • Explore magnetic flow deep in your body ~ align with it
  • Experience a heart opening invocation ~ use it in daily life
  • Learn an ancient mystical practice that powers authentic feminine radiance

Pía will guide you to align with your feminine essence, unveil your radiance and attract from your core.

Experience the magnetic power of your beauty and brilliance.


I enjoy Pía's carefree, free flowing energy and presence. Her workshop gets me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!)

- Ileana Hang, Intuition Guide

Pía is genuine, grounded and calming. I love getting into my body with her introductory movement and gratitude exercise.

- Kyla Lupo, Heartset & Mindset Coach

I appreciate Pía's wisdom, radiance and mysticism.

- Shelby Cohen, Photographer/Healer

I've seen LOTS of talks, I really enjoy Pía's mix, pace and engaging trustworthy way. Pía is very warm and inviting. She takes her time and is not rushed.

- Rainbow Chen, Owner & Relationship Coach


Core Awakening Journey is a modern mystery school synergizing ancient wisdom, new science, shamanic vision, breath and somatic process. This work is designed to deepen and expand as it unfolds with each journey through the training spiral.

Core Awakening Journey teaches you how to gain mastery of your heart as a generator of Divine Love. With guidance, your heart can naturally and spontaneously harmonize your body, emotions, mind and spirit in a relationship that brings balance and wholeness.

Master your heart, master your life.  Read more ...


An Evening of

Pía and Jitendra offer a unique journey into the mysterious core of how relationships succeed over time.

All are welcome! All genders, all relationship status, all hearts.

Be introduced to a heart-centered system to see and feel into yourself and your partner, that awakens a whole new level of clarity and understanding of your relationship experience.

Learn simple, yet highly effective, keys that accelerate your way through murky tensions, chronic conflicts or gaps in your intimate connection. This also empowers your field of attraction to create a new loving relationship.

Discover a radical way to engage the wisdom that “all relationships are founded on One, the one with your Self.”  Not only will your intimate relationship experience improve, your inner personal life transforms as well.

Emerge from this evening with greater certainty, comforted by a deepened feeling of possibility. The relationship experience for which you’ve longed can truly be yours.

There’s nothing like relaxing into the enjoyment and safety of a healthy, warm, fulfilling relationship.

Join Pía and Jitendra, and explore what’s possible for you.

See you there!


A Weekend of Transformation

Pía and Jitendra love supporting people who quest  for the relationship experience they have always imagined.

The vision you hold in your heart for your relationship is real and attainable—or you wouldn’t be having it!

No matter where you find yourself on the relationship spectrum—whether happily married and looking for deeper connection OR  cautiously waiting for the right time or person to appear in your life OR  anywhere in between—this weekend will give you the clarity and tools to take your next steps with confidence.

We passionately share our joy and wisdom to guide you toward an experience of truly happy, loving and fulfilled relationship!

Join us if you yearn to...

  • Stop recycling old hurtful patterns
  • Heal old disappointments and be re-inspired
  • Embrace more ease in loving connection
  • Feel safe and trust deeper intimacy
  • Reignite your desire for toe-curling passion
  • Feel confidence and clarity in making your relationship choices
  • Experience a happy, healthy and passionate union

Pía and Jitendra share the life-tested pathway they use on a daily basis to nurture and enrich a healthy, loving, juicy connection. They guide you with clear steps to radically upgrade your relationship experience.

What you will Learn and  Experience...

  • Identify the unseen roots of chronic relationship issues
  • Love Mode vs Fear Mode in relationship—How to build your Love muscles
  • Feed the fuel that drives relationship fulfillment
  • Elegantly resolve misunderstandings at their source
  • Learn the secret of relationship stability (and  keep the passion!)
  • Enjoy deeper intimacy and companionship
  • How to stay loving in the midst of conflict

Join Us!  Register now for A Weekend of Transformation ~ Unveiling the Sacred Mirror of Relationship.  You deserve to be cherished and loved.

See you there!



The ALOHA Radiance Practice™ is a step-by-step practice that shifts your body out of fear-based reactivity and into empowered responsiveness and compassionate presence. It restores your capacity to feel that you have a choice. The ALOHA Radiance Practice reorganizes your whole being to align, attune and awaken into your true nature.

The steps are easy to learn and most people experience immediate benefits. ALOHA Radiance is also profoundly deep and, like a martial art, can take you a lifetime to plumb its depths. ALOHA Radiance restores and deepens your pathways to mastering the art and science of consciously living the life you choose.

ALOHA ... come experience the spirit of unconditional loving kindness. Get a taste of the freedom that comes shifting from fear into love.

Being You...Deeply