Being You...Deeply

Group Mentoring Programs

6-Month Sacred Transformation


~ A Flower Bravely Initiation  ~

YOUR TRUE ESSENCE IS BURSTING TO BLOOM!  Your essential nature is right there – yet you may find at times that something holds you back or you come up against a glass wall, not able to be and express more of who you truly are. Well ... you're not alone.

Get Unstuck and Inspired

Experience Deeper Meaning

Unleash Your True Self

WE MEET IN AN INTIMATE, NURTURING CONNECTED GROUP.  Our 6-month  Sacred Transformation  begins with a Hand Analysis, illuminating your Soul Psychology– which is a beautiful and profound melange of the following:

  • Life Purpose -  your area of greatest potential and fulfillment
  • Life Lesson  - what your Soul wants to experience and learn, usually feels like your shadow self or a blind spot
  • Life School  -  the toolkit your Soul packed to help you unlock your path to blissful purpose

RECOGNIZING YOUR SOUL PSYCHOLOGY and acting on the KEY  it provides, unlocks a deeper, more authentic and aligned version of you. Very mystical, yet researched and authenticated!

DESIGN A STRATEGY PLAN that includes your mission, support and accountability. Turn your Life Lesson into your ally. Work together with your mentor and group to stay your course and advance along your path to greater joy, fulfillment and inner peace.

INFUSE YOUR 'CALLING'  with your full being as we journey through these 6 months to FLOWER BRAVELY.


"Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.

Because, what the world needs is people who have come alive. "

~ Howard Thurmon


Team Building Through Hand Analysis

Creating a Culture of Leaderful Leaders

Whether a non-profit, partnership or for-profit business, working together at a higher level will always produce better results, both for the individuals involved and the bottom line, leading to a more positive and fruitful impact in the community.

Experience Team Building through Hand Analysis at your organization.

Send me a message through the Contact Pia button, let's discuss how to generate better collaboration within your organization and take it to the next level with Hand Analysis.

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Being You...Deeply