Being You...Deeply

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Those who come together to form your particular group do so for an energetic purpose.
Everything that is unveiled in the circle feeds the entire circle, not just the one being read.
Very mystical!

everything that happens in Circle, stays in Circle.



The Heart Line Workshop

Your Hands Hold the Key to Uplift and Transform Your Relationships

IMAGINE UNDERSTANDING WHY!  Why your relationships have had the challenges they have had.  Why you tend to feel not as happy as you'd like, not seen or heard, drained or over-extended, or disappointed.  Why you experience the same misunderstandings and conflicts.  Why your romantic suggestions aren't recognized.

NOW, IMAGINE FEELING ABSOLUTELY FULFILLED in your relationships.  Imagine feeling completely present, strong and open.  Imagine catching an argument or misunderstanding about to start, and having the tools to resolve it.  Imagine creating a relationship where you each feel fed and deeply happy.

  • clarify communications – be seen, heard, understood and valued
  • know what you need and ask for it – connect to your inner strength
  • understand others and their style – get savvy about relationships
  • be free to be your authentic self – WOW!


~ OR ~

CLICK TO READ MORE ABOUT YOUR HEART LINE  and how to land in the peace and safety of healthy, warm, fulfilling relationships.


Unfurling Your Feminine Essence

BRILLIANT VIVACIOUS WOMEN, join me in a warm intimate circle and explore a deeper connection into the wisdom and power of your Feminine Essence.

LET'S JOURNEY WITH OUR AWARENESS, let's find our place of comfort, expansiveness, grounding and power, our womb of creativity and manifestation.

FEEL INTO YOUR AUTHENTIC WAY of being uniquely and truly YOU.

A SACRED GROUNDING RITUAL opens our circle.  Learn how hand analysis works and what are the possibilities.  As we journey around the circle, each Goddess receives a personalized mini-reading.

BE ACKNOWLEDGED AND SEEN, experience a deeper self understanding, and, oftentimes, a clearer sense of direction.


The Art & Science of Hand Analysis

EXPERIENCE THE POSITIVE POSSIBILITY available to you with the Art and Science of Hand Analysis.  Learn the science behind Hand Analysis and why it works.

INHERENT GIFTS AND STRENGTHS are revealed in your hands.

DISCOVER THE ROOT of persistent challenges and how to work them into working for you.

LASTING JOYFUL CHANGE AND MORE FLOW are the result of employing your Owner's Manual (your hands) information.  It's all right there, right now!


Host a Hand Reading Circle

Get a FREE  50-minute Private Hand Analysis Session

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GATHER AT LEAST 10 FRIENDS, FAMILY, COLLEAGUES at your location. Your group will experience richness of understanding each other in a more profound way.  You, as the Host, will earn a private reading.

SEND ME A MESSAGE to find out what it entails to be a Host.  We'll plan an event that will have your group raving! ...and you get a free session!


Hand Readings For Your Guests!

Add some spice to your party or event 

IMAGINE YOUR FRIENDS EXCITEDLY discussing what they just learned about their hidden talents or how couples can now understand each other's communication style and avoid misunderstandings.

PROVIDE A DEEPLY MEANINGFUL AND AWESOMELY FUN experience to your guests for your next event–birthday, graduation, fundraiser, you name it. I will read hands as I mingle through the crowd or set up a corner to read for those who step forward.

SEND ME A MESSAGE through the Contact Pía button.  Let's plan a spectacular event!


"What I most enjoyed about Pía and her presentation ...

Pía's presence and ability to dive deep with individual women while holding group space.

- Heather Sontag, Organizer and Coach

Pía's lovely energy and insight.

- Jill Lublin, Public Relations Specialist and Author

Her ease and playfulness. Greater understanding of my inner self.

- Alina Moloney, Student

Pia radiates warmth, joy and beauty.  Just being in her presence is a heart-opening, uplifting experience. She holds such a beautiful, genuine space for us to get into our bodies and heart.  Beautiful movement!

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, Magical Mentor, Reality Upgrader & Abundance Activator

I found having my palms read by Pia, an unexpectedly powerful experience. Pia's explanations of what she saw, was like a mirror being held up in front of me, a mirror held with love and compassion. I can't recommend Pia or her palm reading enough."

Lia Ditton, Writer, Professional Adventurer, Licensed Ship Captain

Pia has a gentle, inviting, comforting, acknowledging tone of voice and sense of ease & warmth, that builds delight and more trust.

I enjoy her relaxed embodied presenter style. As she relaxes and generates flow, it makes it easier for us all to feel that with her.

My greatest take-away from her workshop is feeling tenderness and connecting to love.

Ishtar-Lhotus Reiah Zeviar, Multimedia Arts Performer

Pia's message is simple and transformative.

Susan Kirby, Founder of Speak & Shine Your Light School for Luminaries

Carmel Maiden photo ©

Being You...Deeply