Being You...Deeply

The Heart Line Workshop



Your Hands Hold the Key to Uplift and Transform Your Relationships

"YOU WILL SOON MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER"  Maybe…but this is nothing like the depthy and accurate information your hands contain about you and your relationships.

TODAY, WE DIVE INTO THE HEART LINE  using your own hands to reveal relationship types and bust some myths along the way.

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AS OPPOSED TO POPULAR MYTH,  Heart lines do not even attempt to reveal how many marriages you have had, will have or when you will meet your soul mate.

HEART LINES DO REVEAL YOUR  own particular set of emotional needs, ways of giving and expecting love, communication style and how this fits in with your soul’s agenda for this lifetime.

DISCOVER YOUR PERSONAL HEART LINE'S MESSAGE  during this workshop.  You are then free to magically transform your relationships or empower your field of attraction to draw in your match.

WITH YOUR HEART LINE AS YOUR GUIDE,  understand who you are at your emotional core and then:

  • clarify communications – be seen, heard, understood and valued
  • know what you need and ask for it – connect to your inner strength
  • understand others and their style – get savvy about relationships
  • be free to be your authentic self – WOW!

IMAGINE SUDDENLY UNDERSTANDING 'WHY' !  Why your relationships have had the challenges they have had.  Why you tend to feel not as happy as you'd like, not seen or heard, drained or over-extended, or disappointed.  Why you experience the same misunderstandings and conflicts.  Why your romantic suggestions aren't recognized.

NOW, IMAGINE FEELING ABSOLUTELY FULFILLED  in your relationships.  Imagine feeling completely present, strong and open.  Imagine catching an argument or misunderstanding about to start, and having the tools to resolve it.  Imagine creating a relationship where you each feel nurtured and deeply content.

Bring photos of your Special Someone's palms.

(with their blessing, of course 😉 )

Let's play!

THERE'S NOTHING LIKE RELAXING INTO the peace and safety of healthy, warm, fulfilling relationships.

JOIN PIA and explore what’s possible for you.

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Being You...Deeply