An Evening of

Pia and Jitendra offer a unique journey into the mysterious core of how relationships succeed over time.

All are welcome! All genders, all relationship status, all hearts.

Be introduced to a heart-centered system to see and feel into yourself and your partner, that awakens a whole new level of clarity and understanding of your relationship experience.

Learn simple, yet highly effective, keys that accelerate your way through murky tensions, chronic conflicts or gaps in your intimate connection. This also empowers your field of attraction to create a new loving relationship.

Discover a radical way to engage the wisdom that “all relationships are founded on One, the one with your Self.”  Not only will your intimate relationship experience improve, your inner personal life transforms as well.

Emerge from this evening with greater certainty, comforted by a deepened feeling of possibility. The relationship experience for which you’ve longed can truly be yours.

There’s nothing like relaxing into the enjoyment and safety of a healthy, warm, fulfilling relationship.

Join Pia and Jitendra, and explore what’s possible for you.

See you there!

Being You...Deeply