Being You...Deeply

Pia's Offerings


Join me in a group hand reading. You will discover what your hand reveals about your core temperament. Deepen your understanding of your authentic relationship style. Illuminate your strengths in relationship to your challenges. You'll come away feeling acknowledged, seen and, oftentimes, with a clearer sense of direction.

We meet in groups of up to 10 people. Our gathering begins with an understanding of how hand analysis works and what are the possibilities. As we journey around the circle, each participant receives a personalized mini-reading.

The Universe is a powerful, intelligent force. The individuals that come together to form your particular group do so for an energetic purpose. Everything that is unveiled in the circle feeds the entire circle, not just the one being read. Very mystical!

And, like in Vegas - everything that is revealed in the Circle, stays in the Circle.

Host a Hand Reading Circle, get a free 50-minute private reading.

Gather 10 friends, family, coworkers at your location. Add some spice to a party or event. As the organizer, I will give gift you a private reading. Send me a message, find out what it takes to be an organizer and we'll plan it.



Make a quick transformation in your life. A hand reading session will unveil unconscious behaviors keep you feeling stuck. Learn ways to bring awareness to specific areas in your life in order to make the most impactful change.

If you are committed to experiencing your best self, contact me to schedule your hand reading.

For those in the San Francisco Bay area, we can meet in person in Southern Marin. If I already have your hand prints, we can do a remote session.

If you are farther away, I will give you instructions on how to print your hands and send them to me. We will then meet by teleconference, Skype or phone.



Wanting to find a coach/mentor to help you get to your next level? It can be challenging to commit to an extensive coaching or mentoring  program with someone you don't know and haven't established a trusted connection.

My Get-To-Know-You Offering gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and find out if it feels good to dive deeper together.

The package contains the following:

  • One 75-minute session
  • Guest passes for you and a friend to a Hand Reading Circle

*** This offer is valid for new clients only.


I enjoyed Pia's carefree, free flowing energy and presence. Her workshop got me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!)

- Ileana Hang, Intuition Guide

Pia felt genuine, grounded and calming. I loved getting into my body with the introductory movement and gratitude exercise.

- Kyla Lupo, Heartset & Mindset Coach

I appreciated Pia's wisdom, radiance and mysticism.

- Shelby Cohen, Photographer/Healer

I've seen LOTS of talks, I really enjoyed Pia's mix, pace and engaging trustworthy way. Pia is very warm and inviting. She took her time and was not rushed.

- Rainbow Chen, Owner & Relationship Coach


Ever wonder what your furry friend ... is thinking behind that cocked head and long stare? Or what is at the source of that questionable behavior? Or how your deceased pet is doing?

No need to wonder any longer. I'll help you hear what your pet is trying to tell you and deliver your message in a way that they can understand.

Let's get the communication lines moving! Use the Buy Now button to register for a 50-minute phone or Skype session. We will then schedule the session and I'll ask you to email me a picture of your darling. Before the session, I will connect with your pet as a preliminary introduction.



Are you looking to make a deep transformation in your life? If you are one of the few with the willingness to embrace what it takes, you can reap the rewards of a revolutionary shift in perspective that puts your life on an entirely new plane of existence.

If you are committed to experiencing your best self, mentoring is your next step. Contact me to deepen your path.

My mentoring package includes:

  • One (1) 90-minute in-depth hand analysis and intention setting session
  • Seven (7) 50-minute coaching sessions
  • Guest pass for you and a friend to a Hand Reading Circle
Being You...Deeply