Being You...Deeply

Pia's Offerings


Join me in a group Hand Reading Circle.

You will discover what your hand reveals about your core temperament and hidden talents. Deepen your understanding of your authentic relationship style. Illuminate your strengths in relationship to your challenges. You'll come away feeling acknowledged, seen and, oftentimes, with a clearer sense of direction.

We meet in groups of up to 10 people. Our 2-hour gathering begins with an understanding of how hand analysis works and what are the possibilities. As we journey around the circle, each participant receives a personalized mini-reading.

The Universe is a powerful, intelligent force. The individuals that come together to form your particular group do so for an energetic purpose. Everything that is unveiled in the circle feeds the entire circle, not just the one being read. Very mystical!

And, like in Vegas - everything that is revealed in the Circle, stays in the Circle.

Click the Contact Pia button  and to join the next Circle.

Add some spice to your party or event.

Imagine your friends excitedly discussing what they just learned about their hidden talents or how couples can now understand each other's communication style and avoid misunderstandings.

Provide a deeply meaningful and awesomely fun experience to your guests for your next event–birthday, graduation, fundraiser, you name it. I will read hands as I mingle through the crowd or set up a corner to read for those who step forward.

Send me a message through the Contact Pia button.  Let's plan a spectacular event!



Make a quick transformation in your life. A hand reading session will unveil unconscious behaviors that keep you feeling stuck. Learn ways to bring awareness to specific areas in your life in order to make the most impactful change.

Discover how your relationship to your Life Purpose and Life Lesson are helping or hindering your deepest fulfillment, and what to do to unveil your unique core.

If you are committed to experiencing your best self,  schedule your hand reading now by clicking the Scheduling button. Be sure to select whether you would like an in-person session, if you are in the San Fran Bay area, or remote by phone or via Zoom.

I am thrilled to support you on your path of balance, integration and awakening.


I enjoy Pia's carefree, free flowing energy and presence. Her workshop gets me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!)

- Ileana Hang, Intuition Guide

Pia is genuine, grounded and calming. I love getting into my body with her introductory movement and gratitude exercise.

- Kyla Lupo, Heartset & Mindset Coach

I appreciate Pia's wisdom, radiance and mysticism.

- Shelby Cohen, Photographer/Healer

I've seen LOTS of talks, I really enjoy Pia's mix, pace and engaging trustworthy way. Pia is very warm and inviting. She takes her time and is not rushed.

- Rainbow Chen, Owner & Relationship Coach


A Flower Bravely Initiation

Your true essence is bursting to bloom! Your essential nature is right there–yet you may find at times that something is holding you back or you're coming up against a glass wall, not able to be and express more of who you truly are. Well, you're not alone.

We meet in Circles of 6 to 8 participants. Our 8-week Sacred Circle begins with a hand analysis, illuminating your Soul Psychology– your Life Purpose and Life Lesson–plus your personality type’s strengths, challenges and possibilities.

Recognizing your Soul Psychology and acting on the key it provides, unlocks a deeper, more authentic and aligned version of you. Very mystical, yet researched and authenticated!

Design a Strategy Plan that includes your mission, support and accountability. Turn your Life Lesson into your ally. Work together with your mentor and group to stay your course and advance along your path to greater joy, fulfillment and inner peace.

Infuse your 'calling '  with your full being as we move through the 8 weeks and FLOWER BRAVELY.



Ever wonder what your furry friend ... is thinking behind that cocked head and long stare? Or what is at the source of that questionable behavior? Or how your deceased pet is doing?

No need to wonder any longer. I'll help you hear what your pet is trying to tell you and deliver your message in a way that they can understand.

Let's get the communication lines moving! Send me a message via the Contact Pia button to schedule a 50-minute phone or Skype/Zoom session.  I'll ask you to email me a picture of your Darling One. Before the session, I will connect with your pet as a preliminary introduction.



Are you looking to make a deep transformation in your life? If you are one of the few with the willingness to embrace what it takes, you can reap the rewards of a revolutionary shift in perspective that puts your life on an entirely new plane of existence.

If you are committed to experiencing your best self, mentoring is your next step. Contact me to deepen your path.

My 1-on-1 mentoring package includes:

  • One (1) 50-minute in-depth hand analysis and intention setting session
  • Seven (7) 50-minute mentoring sessions
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Guest pass for you and a friend to a Hand Reading Circle
Being You...Deeply