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Pet Communication

Years ago, I heard the sweetest angelic voice saying my name. It pulled me from a deep sleep as I napped on the couch. Opening my eyes I found my two scotties -- faces intently gazing at me, round-eyed, with ears flat back and tails wagging.

Ever wonder what your furry friend ... is thinking behind that cocked head and long stare? Or what is at the source of that questionable behavior? Or how your deceased pet is doing?

No need to wonder any longer. I'll help you hear what your pet is trying to tell you and deliver your message in a way that they can understand.

Let's get the communication lines moving! Click the Schedule A Reading  button, find a day and time that works for you and follow the prompts to create a phone or Zoom (video conference) session.  I'll ask you to email me a picture of your Sweetie. Before the session, I will connect with your pet as a preliminary introduction.


Going through anything like this ?

  • Good boy!  Good girl! 

    Understand how your pets actually experience your praise. Discover how to convey your appreciation and acknowledgement in a customized way using your pet’s love language so it is received as you intend it.

  • I'm the king/queen of our castle!

    When someone new shows up in the intimacy of our lives, our pets can sometimes feel de-throned as the master and protector. Pets may act out in various ways.

    Reassuring them of their place in our heart and in our lives is key. If your lovey isn’t getting your message, I will bridge the communication gap and restore harmony.

  • Stop bugging me!

    Pets have their very particular way of viewing the world and interpreting our actions.  Situations that may not raise our eyebrow, may deeply bug our sweeties.

    When it comes to emotional, behavioral and health issues, stress is a major culprit for pets, just like humans. Stress affects quality of life, until it is recognized and addressed positively.

    Sometimes all that’s needed is an interpreter and a neutral party to see the situation with new eyes and bring light to that which is causing the rift.

  • Let's chat!

    It’s very amusing to see movies with people having heated discussions each speaking different languages. Well, that’s what happens between our pets and us.

    Get on the same page with your pets in terms of language. What if you had a template of behaviors to use that conveyed what you mean and was received as you intended? …and vice versa.

  • Hey! Listen to me!

    Your pets’ attempts to get you to listen may escalate if they don’t feel heard. They have needs and desires that need to be met for a happy fulfilled life – just like you.

    Find out what you’re sweetie-pet wants you to know. You are their main confidante, you are the center of their world. Open up with your heart and your understanding to a happier relationship.

  • Happily ever afterlife!

    Experiencing the unconditional love of our pets is so heart warming and quite a gift for us as humans. Imagine humans demonstrating the love and joy pets naturally share.

    When our dear pets pass on to carry forward on the other side, they continue to love us and care about our well being. They may still be around to share their message and provide their support. Let’s check in and hear what they have to say!

    Mourning our loss can feel like a never ending pit of darkness, bouts of anxiety, sudden waves of grief, or any number of experiences — and they are all OK. Allowing the depth of our emotion while feeling safely held, helps traverse this process. I’m here to help.

  • Let's set a date!

    No need to feel troubled any longer. Let’s make an appointment and get the communication lines moving!

    Use the Schedule A Reading  button below to make an appointment.

    Don’t wait any longer!  Schedule a Pet Communication session now.



Pía’s skills saved me as I struggled with a decision to keep or return the service dog whom I had had individually, professionally trained for my needs.

The wonderful, very experienced trainer had flown in with the dog and was baffled to witness unrecognizable behaviors. Clearly a sweet soul, this dog was out of control and hard to be with. The trainer blamed herself, I blamed myself. After FIVE days with both the dog and the trainer, I was despondent and nearly ready to refuse the long-awaited adoption.

We called Pía, Pet Communicator, and within minutes, she had pinpointed exactly what was wrong for the dog, precisely what to do for him in stages, and how long it would take for the undesirable behaviors to cease. This was accurate, specific, practical, loving, -- and life-changing! I had the sense that if the dog could speak in human language, these were the things he would say.

A few days later the trainer has returned to her facility, and I am living with a darling, relaxed, happy-to-serve medical alert dog.  Yippeee!

Alana and Banjo, Gifted Artist and Extraordinarily Loving Standard Poodle
Being You...Deeply