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Pía’s Referral Partner/Affiliate Program

If you like what you experience in Pía’s sessions or programs and want to let others know then we’d invite you to join our Referral Partner/Affiliate Program.


By partnering with Pía, you will earn additional sessions, perks and/or commissionson products, sessions, programs or retreats purchased by those you refer.


We love our referral partners and affiliates and you can be sure if someone calls up our office to ask questions and signs up for a program we always make sure to find out who sent them. We believe being expansive and generous, thereby supporting you in expanding your awareness. By the way, there is no cost in becoming a referral partner or affiliate.


What It Means To Become A Referral Partner or Affiliate

A referral partner is someone who values the work Pía is doing to uplift women spiritually, emotionally and economically through her programs and products and who wants to be loud and proud about the value she is bringing. Referral partners have a special code for posting. If you are a referral partner in an advanced program with Pía (Flower Bravely Program, Life Purpose Program, Retreats Program, Core Awakening Journey)they receive VIP tickets to the Feminine Breakthrough Summit and Heart Line Relationship Summit.These tickets can be gifted to a woman who you feel will benefit and also contribute to our Core Feminine Radiance Community.


Referral partners often partner with Pía to promote her intro The Art & Science of Hand Analysis, The Heart Line Workshop andUnfurl Your Feminine Essence events and invite women to attend. Tell Pía if you would like one of these events in your area.


Pía’s team can supply you with content to promote the summits and intro events. Pía is also available to be a guest of yours on a teleclass to introduce her to your community.


What It Means To Become An Affiliate


Becoming an affiliate means that you are welcome to place links on your site that direct users to our website. We will provide you with banners, email text, newsletters, free teleseminars, free incentive products, and product links. Contact for whateveryou need.


When you’re an affiliate, we will give you points or pay you commissions for every purchase that a visitor makes directed from your site. Our affiliate program software helps us easily track and report on visitors and sales.


How Do You Earn Sessions, Perks and/or Commissions?


We so appreciate you letting people know about the value Pía has to support women entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals. For that reason, we are thrilled to generously provide you with sessions and other perks for your support.


You can earn sessions, perks, commissions over and over for the first 3 years the client is involved by letting your community know about our programs and products, and by using your special code that tracks women back to you while giving them a discount at the same time. If you want a custom code and link to track commissions back to you, contact and let us know what you want to spread the word about Pía.

Depending on the program or product sold, you will earn points and/or commissions for direct referrals.



Here is how the points and commissions break down:


Earn 12 points and receive a complimentary session. When one of your referrals purchases a session, package or retreat of any length, you earn points



½ Day-long retreat
1 Hand Analysis Launch Intro
2 Hand Analysis Springboard
4 Anchor Your Groove – 9 week program
8 Flower Bravely – 3 month program


30% of the fee paid for a ticket ($108 or above) to the Feminine Breakthrough Summit and Heart Line Relationship Summit


20% commission of the fee paid for physical products sold (excluding shipping)


10% of the fee paid for live and in-person advanced programs


A flat fee of $200 is paid on the Core Awakening Journey, facilitated by Pia and her husband, Jitendra.


Commissions are not paid on ...


As a referral/affiliate partner you will receive a custom link or custom discount coupon code. This tracks any sales back to you.


Sessions, perks and commissions are distributed quarterly. Your session vouchers, perks and commissions are sent out within 30 days of the conclusion of each quarter. If you have a balance with us, your commissions will first be applied to your account. If you are on a multi-pay option, your commissions will be applied to the last month or months of your account. We will respond to any questions regarding commissions promptly. Contact



Referral Partner/Affiliate Criteria

We are looking for referral and affiliate partners that are a good match for us: positive, service-oriented women who operate with integrity and want to uplift the lives of other women and who see the tremendous value Pía has to bring.


For referral partners, it is also necessary to have participated minimally in a 3 session package or attended an advanced program with Pía.

That means sales achieved via spamming are not allowed and do not qualify for commissions.


All referral partner/affiliate partner applications will be reviewed and approved within 3-5 business days.

It is Easy to Get Started


To join Pía Darling’s Referral Partner/Affiliate Program, contact


If you have any questions before joining, feel free to contact us at


Upon approval of your referral partner/affiliate application, you will receive your Affiliate ID and access to Pía’s affiliate marketing materials that you can place on your website, send to your email list or use in any promotion or email campaign.


If you’d like to discuss any promotional ideas, or you would like to host Pía for a free intro live presentation or teleclass for your online or in-person community, just let us know by calling 415.855.0993 or sending an email to




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